E-grade Air / Oxygen Compatible air &

 Partial pressure Nitrox Fills.

This page is being revised to meet new pricing 12.27.22



SLS Air/Nitrox/Trimix Fills

We have a new haskel booster and can now boost to 3000psi (O2 only to 2800psi). If we use the haskel to boost your cylinders there are fees for the drive air used. The fee will depend on what pressure we boost to, as the higher the psi the more drive air is required.

A certified custom gas blender (TDI #7595) will blend any mix you wish with proof of proper certification for use of the mix you request. While there are shops out there that will hot mix we refuse to hot mix. For a Nitrox mix expect to leave overnight or drop off early and pickup a few hours later. For Trimix we require 24 hours to fill your request. There is no need to dump your old mix as in most cases we can top your old mix to the breathing gas you request.