E-grade Air / Oxygen Compatible air &

 Partial pressure Nitrox Fills

We provide E-grade breathing air, Oxygen compatible air (OCA), Nitrox (21% to 99%), Oxygen (100% aviation grade), & Argon (Argon is not for breathing) it’s for drysuit inflation. All gases are always available.

We fill all breathing air at 200 psi per min max fill rate and Oxygen at 50 psi per min. We will not over fill a cylinder. Because of the gas heating while being filled you may find less then the cylinders rated pressure when it cools. If you leave your cylinders to be filled I will top to rated pressure when gas has cooled.


Breathing gas pricing:

Paint ball fills up to 3900 psi. $6.00 - cash only less then $10.00
CCR E-grade fill to 3442 PSI $6.00 - cash only less then $10.00
CCR OCA grade fill to 3442 PSI $9.00 - cash only less then $10.00
3000 psi or less E-grade breathing air $11:00
3001 to 3500 psi fill E-grade breathing air $12.00

Oxygen Compatible Air (OCA):

$0.19 per cubic foot

Oxygen (we only use 100% Aviation Grade Oxygen):

Min cost for any Oxygen fills $5.00 per $.60 per CF


Oxygen fills $5.00 per $.60 per CF

Includes CCR O2 fills to 2250 psi

Oxygen fills $9.00 per $.65 per CF for CCR over 2250 psi

Nitrox fills



Nitrox fills $.60 per CF for O2 and $.19 per CF for OCA

Any O2 that is boosted beyond 2250 PSI add $1.75 per CF

Blending fee for Nitrox fills $5.00

There is a blending fee of $5.00 per each Nitrox Fill.

Argon (not a breathing gas)

Argon fill and boosted only to 2200 psi. $1.50 per cubic foot
Argon Boosted beyond 2250 psi Not Available
SLS Air/Nitrox/Trimix Fills

We have a new haskel booster and can now boost to 3000psi (O2 only to 2800psi). If we use the haskel to boost your cylinders there are fees for the drive air used. The fee will depend on what pressure we boost to, as the higher the psi the more drive air is required.

A certified custom gas blender (TDI #7595) will blend any mix you wish with proof of proper certification for use of the mix you request. While there are shops out there that will hot mix we refuse to hot mix. For a Nitrox mix expect to leave overnight or drop off early and pickup a few hours later. For Trimix we require 24 hours to fill your request. There is no need to dump your old mix as in most cases we can top your old mix to the breathing gas you request.