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If you like large classrooms with no personal attention and classes done at our time schedule and not when you want to do classes we are not the Dive Shop for you. HOWEVER if you like small classrooms and lots of personal attention we are for you.

We specialize in small classrooms, (never more then 4 students) since we opened in 2001. We work very close with all our students many times one on one. In most Classrooms we have two to four students, most times we have 4 students or less in the pool. The Open Water checkout dives are done with no more the 5 students.



Open Water Diver Certification

See details below.


At the time you sign up for this class I will give you an on-line code so you can access the TDI-SDI on-line learning center. The academic part of this class will be done on-line. I will also provide you with a logbook to keep track of your dives and a student folder to keep track of your class progression.

At your leisure you will study the on-line class. Upon completion of the on-line part of the class you will come to the dive shop to go over your on-line answers. At that time I will show you the dive equipment. I will show you how to assemble and disassemble it. You will then assemble the gear. I will show you how to put the gear on and how to remove the gear.

You will then do this. On-line review and gear assemble can be done just before we go to the pool or anytime before we go to the pool. The time you need to plan on being at the dive shop for on-line review and gear assemble will be 1.5 to 2 hours.

Pool sessions:

Once the on-line academic class is completed we then proceed to the pool training. Pool training consists of two sessions**, time in pool depends on number of students. While in the pool you will learn all the required skills for you to become a Certified diver. The pool sessions will be on Saturday afternoons & Sunday mornings. For the Pool you will need transportation to the pool, bathing suit, towel, water & Mask, Snorkel, Fins and Booties *** We provide all the other gear needed to perform the required skills and we also provide all air fills.

** Three students min. in pool for $199.95 price.

***We have Mask, Snorkel, Fins, and Booties packages starting at $159.99

Classroom and pool based on three students in the pool:

$199.95 including on-line code, up to two hours of on-line review, introducing you to the dive gear and providing all gear and air fills need for your pool session except Mask, Snorkel, Fins and boots..

($245.00 per person with only two in the pool)

($350.00 for a one on one class).

Once the on-line class, gear introduction & pool sessions are completed. You than can do the Open Water Dives with us when you’re ready. Or I can issue you Referral Papers*, which shows that you have completed this part and are now ready to due the actual 4 required Open Water Dives.

With the Referral Papers you can go anywhere in the world to do your checkout dives. There is a time limit of 6 months for you to complete the OWD checkout dives after the pool sessions are completed.

*$25.00 additional charge for referral paperwork and dive tables.

Actual Open Water Checkout Dives:

If you choose to do your checkout dives with Sea Level Scuba LLC we will be glad to schedule your dives as soon as you would like. You will be required to do four checkout dives.

The local quarry is within 30 mins. of the dive shop. We normally like to perform two dives per day, but other arrangements can be made. The max dives per day however cannot exceed three. For the checkout dives you will need transportation to the quarry, Quarry entry fees****, bathing suit, water to drink, a tarp to put on the ground, Mask, Fins, Booties, & Snorkel.

We provide all the other gear needed including all air fills to perform the four checkout dives (some shops make you pay for the air fills at the quarry). Upon completion you will receive a plastic certification card with your picture on it. This is included in your class costs it's not an extra like most other shops.

We will also provide you with an electronic C-card. You will be responsible to pickup the gear we provide at the dive shop before the dives and return it clean and dry after your dives. The dives can be done any day of the week you prefer as long as it is done during daylight hours. These four dives are best done back to back days.

****For your checkout dives there is a quarry fee that is not part of your class cost.

This must be paid for at the quarry. The fee for 2017 was $20.00, and must be exact change or check.

Price can change at any time we have no control of there fees.

OWD checkout dives cost:

There is difference pricing based on number of students:

OWD checkout dives $200.00 for one student only.

OWD checkout dives $150.00 each for two or three students.

OWD checkout dives $135.00 each for four or five students.

It is very rare but Five is max students I will do at one time.


Dale Musser #7595 TDI-SDI Master Instructor.

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