Sea Level Scuba

Our Staff

Dale Musser

Owner / Instructor

Like many people, I had always wanted to dive but just never got around to it. In the 1990s I was sitting with some friends at dinner talking about diving. After hearing so many great stories I was hooked. I signed up for classes the very next day. I did my check out dives through Coral Reef Scuba in Tallahassee, Florida. From there I continued my dive education with specialty courses and became an instructor in 2001. Since then, I have certified over 1000 students. In 2002, I got Trimix certified with TDI. In 2007 I got full cave certified with NACD. I’m currently certified to teach 26 different scuba classes from entry level to Tech diving.

For me, it has always been about the diving . . . any kind of diving. I enjoy the warm waters of the Caribbean for reef diving, and I also enjoy the fresh waters of the Great Lakes region for wreck diving. To date, I have logged over 2500 dives averaging 200 dives per year.

I have always enjoyed watching new students get certified. It is a great feeling watching people make those first dives and that is why I opened Sea Level Scuba. I want to help people with their dive education, whether they are a new diver or an existing diver looking to expand their skills. I want to offer quality equipment at a fair price. I want to give people the opportunity to experience some of the great local diving that is available, outside of the quarries. It is my hope to build a network of divers at all levels so that everyone has the opportunity to dive when they want, where they want. I would love for you to become part of that network!

Thank you for visiting our web site. I hope you will visit our dive shop soon. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to e-mail or call. Please remember . . . it’s all about the diving.

Tom Bell

Dive Master

I was certified in August 2003. I have been diving for eight (8) years with over 400 dives logged.

I have dove in Aruba,Cancan, Cozumel, St. Thomas, St. Martins, Curacao, Nassau and the great lakes.

Dive ceritications:
Nitrox Jan 2006
Navigation June 2006
Search and Recovery Oct 2006
Rescue Oct 2006
Deep Diver 2008
Night diver 2008
DiveMaster certification Oct 2008
Other certifications are
CPR, 1st Aid, AED, and CPROX administrator.

I reside in Genoa, employed By AK Tube, LLC. My wife and I have been married for over 40 years, we are parents ofa grown son who resides in Cincinnati, and a daughter who lives in Oak Harbor. We have a granddaughter, and