Sea Level Scuba

Store Information

Sea Level Scuba

3040 Woodville Road
Northwood, OH 43619
Phone: (419) 691-2991 
Fax: (419) 691-0592

Store Hours

April 1st to October 1st
Summer Hours
1:00-7:00 Mon,

1:00-7:00 Tues,

1:00-7:00 Thurs
1:00-7:00 Friday
Open Saturday by appointments only.
Call, e-mail or message me for appointment.

Fun dives on Wednesdays in late May through September Weather permitting.

October 2nd to March 31st
Winter Hours
1:00-6:00 Tues,

1:00-6:00 Thurs

1:00-6:00 Fri
Saturday by appointment only
Sun, Mon, Weds Closed