Store Hours

April – October
Summer Hours
1:00-7:00 Mon,
1:00-7:00 Tues,
1:00-7:00 Thurs
1:00-7:00 Friday
10:00-4:00 Saturday

Fun dives on Wednesdays
in late May through September Weather permitting.

November – March
Winter Hours
2:00-6:00 Tues,
2:00-6:00 Thurs
2:00-6:00 Fri
10:00-4:00 Saturday
Sun, Mon, Weds Closed

Phone: (419) 691-2991
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Fun dive special:
Join us on any Sea Level Scuba fun dive and get 15% discount for any gear you need to rent. 20% if you were one of my students. With a max of $50.00 for rental gear $45.00 max if you were one of my students.

Technical Diving Equipment – Toledo, Ohio

We carry most all-technical gear, Dive Rite, OMS, OxyCheq, Highland, Poseidon, Viking, to name a few and we can have many items (hoses, ect.) custom made to fit your needs, we also carry many types of sport diving gear Tusa, Seasoft, Bare, Weezle, Faber, Luxfer to name a few.

    Please note we will match any advertized price for any product we have in stock:

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